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Qld-New Directive 10 & Qld Border Passes from 1/8/2020

01 Aug 2020 3:49 PM | Lisa Acret (Administrator)

There are new Queensland Border Passes effective 1/8/2020 inline with the new Directive 10 issued by the Queensland Health Officer issued 10pm last night. 

We have been made aware that there are now three different passes that may be issued.

S - Specialist (for Essential Services)
G - General (other than essential service eg general public)
Q - Quarantine

The new application does not have an option to select if you have had an asymptomatic voluntary test.

We have had reports that some drivers are being issued a Q Pass and we think this occurs then the the answer to In the last 14 days have you is checked YES:

We have been in contact with the authorities to get the application amended, however, as you would appreciate, with the SEQ situation evolving they are operating a maximum capacity so it may take some time to have these changes made.  It has not been confirmed if all current passes must be renewed and replaced with new passes, however it would be recommended that this be done for any drivers crossing the border from today to avoid any delays coming into Queensland.

In the interim, we have been recommend the following on how to answer this question.

1.  Click NONE OF THE ABOVE if the driver has presented for a Voluntary Test with NO SYMPTOMS and has received a negative result.

2. Only click the YES TO ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE if the driver has had a test because they have had symptoms, been in contact with a known COVID-19 case or been overseas.


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