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Queensland Trucking Association - Declaration, Acknowledgements & Conditions

The applicant declares and agrees:

1. To be bound by the Constitution of the Association from time to time in force, and any determinations, policy and Code of Conduct made as the consequence of the provisions therein.

2. That the information contained in this Application Form is correct as at the date of it's completion.

3. To pay all membership fees and other charges within the time specified, as levied from time to time. 

4. To advise in writing within one calendar month prior to the expiry of the current membership period of the intention to cancel or resign from membership.

5. Upon cancellation or resignation in writing, all outstanding membership fees be settled up to the date of resignation. This includes all outstanding invoices.

6. That the rights and privileges of membership shall be available following admittance to membership and the payment of the first half years subscription or proportion there of as levied. 

7. To advise in writing via email, of any change to the information contained within this Application.

8. Applications for membership in the case of a company, shall be signed by a Director of the company and/or by Executive Representative  authorised by a Director, in the case of a partnership, by at least one of the partners, and in other cases by the applicant. 

9. The applicant for membership acknowledges that any advice, information or opinion given to members by the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd is solely  in pursuance of the objects of the Association and whilst care is taken to ensure the accuracy and reliability of such advice, information and opinions, the Association accepts no responsibility for the same and all liability in respect thereof is expressly excluded.


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