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QTA Ltd "110 years of History"

The movement of freight by road has always played an important role in building the Queensland economy. From the early days of horse and cart through to today's technically advanced trucks, the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd continues a strong presence and unified voice in the development of the industry.

Below is historical information in relation to how the Queensland Trucking Association started.

1907 - Mid 1930's

The establishment of the Master Carriers Association and the movement from the Horse drawn freight era to the pre-war motor vehicle would be the focus including the existence of the Carriers Ranks and inner city waterfront activity. 

Mid 1930's - Mid 1950's

The focus of this period would be the "Jackson Story" with the Road Transport Industry playing a critical role in major project development e.g. Moonie Pipeline and Story Bridge as well as the general freight task and the development of trucks to meet the task. 

Mid 1950's - Mid 1980's

This period reflects the growth of Mayne Nickless and innovation in the freight task. This period for road transport within Queensland includes such milestones as:

  • Opening of the Road Network including beef roads
  • A focus on "bulk" freight as a way of doing business e.g. fuel - drums to tankers; grain - bags to tippers
  • Vehicle dimension and vehicle mass development
  • The opening of competition with rail
  • The debate over road maintenance tax and "Plates" linked to specific freight routes
  • The growth in over dimension/heavy haulage to meet the demands of the mining industry and oil/gas exploration
  • The introduction of containerisation into the waterfront import/export task

Mid 1980's - Current

 An era which signalled a stronger blend of State and National Issues and recognised in the following:

  • Repealed QLD Goods Hire license (December 1991)
  • Special Premiers Conference - NRTC formation
  • The birth of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA)
  • Recognition of the need for uniformity in regulation
  • Industry accreditation - TruckSafe - Queensland role - removing large numbers of permits
  • Safety as a driver in political lobby e.g. on road, driver health, vehicle design
  • Recognition of a quality industry playing a significant economic role but recognising environmental responsibility and community amenity responsibility

QTA Ltd continues to advise members on industrial relation matters and provides information and assistance to members. The QTA Ltd plays a major role in continued improvements to industry innovation, efficiency and productivity with an emphasis on safety while providing an essential service to the community.

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