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The NHVAS is a voluntary alternative to conventional heavy vehicle enforcement.  Accredited operators must demonstrate that their vehicles and drivers comply with standards set by the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme through regular audits of their transport management systems and vehicle or driver assessments.The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme is intended to increase transport efficiency by reducing the costs of compliance and allowing members greater flexibility in the management of their transport business.

In the early 1990s, the National Road Transport Commission (NRTC), now the National Transport Commission (NTC) recognised that accreditation was an effective means of demonstrating compliance with road transport law and was more familiar to modern compliance and enforcement practices.

This led to the pilot accreditation schemes in Mass Management in Victoria and Maintenance Management in New South Wales.

A third pilot in Fatigue Management was instigated in Queensland at the same time. Road transport industry bodies were developing accreditation schemes that were directed specifically at road transport operations during the same time, and one of these schemes, was TruckSafe, which achieved an industry presence by the mid-1990s.

The successful implementation of the mass and maintenance management pilots led to the development of a national accreditation scheme. The Australian Transport Ministers approved the national framework for ‘Alternative Compliance’ schemes and agreed to offer industry a scheme that became known as the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) at their meeting in late 1997.

The scheme has since evolved as a formal process for recognising operators who have a robust safety and other management systems in place and is increasingly being used to show compliance with general duty requirements under road transport law.

Previously administered by State and Territory road transport authorities (Department of Transport & Main Roads in Queensland), theNHVAS is now managed on a national basis by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). While the NHVAS modules and sytem remain the same, the NHVR are now the single point of contact for all NHVAS business including all enquiries, applications and renewals.

Any current NHVAS accreditation granted under the State and Territories' business rules will be preserved for the life of that accreditation.

NHVAS Modules

Heavy Vehicle operators can apply for accreditation under the following NHVAS modules:

    • Mass Management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Fatigue Management: Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)
    • Fatigue Management: Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM)

To apply for NHVAS please contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on the details below.

Changes/Improvements to NHVAS

Improvements to the NHVAS forms and NHVAS fee changes were implemented on the 1st July 2013.

Heavy vehicle operators with NHVAS may have already noticed a signficant reduction in the time taken to process applications due to increased staff in the NHVAS Applications Team at NHVR and the streamlining of the NHVR business operations.

NHVAS Improvements from 1st July 2013

NHVR have worked wth industry and government to improve the forms and the submission process for NHVAS applications. The NHVR believe the following improvements implemented from the 1st July will make forms easier to complete and result in improved trun-around times for applications.

    • Form headings and fields updated to make them more consistent
    • Forms have additional comments to make it clearer what information you need in a field
    • Forms include an "operator's declaration" section
    • Third parties will be able to complete applications on behalf of an operator (except in NSW)
    • A step-by-step guide to submitting an NHVAS application will be available on the NHVR website. Operators can choose the application type you wanted to undertake and the website will provide a link to download all the necessary forms for completion
    • A fact sheet to be available, outlining the inspection requirements to enter the Maintenance Scheme for each jurisdiction; and
    • SA operators can now pay their application fees online (this service was available from the 17th June)

More Improvements on the way

Through the NHVR's NHVAS Business Improvement Program, NHVR will continue to consult with industry to ensure the application process meets operators needs. If you have any queries or your application is urgent, you are asked to contact the NHVR directly on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487) or email:


From 1st July 2013, there was a slight increase in NHVAS accreditation fees for Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria as part of an annual review of State fees and charges. The NHVR manages NHVAS services on behalf of States and Territories, but does not set the fee schedule. The new accreditation fees can be downloaded below or viewed at the NHVR website

From 1st July 2013, Heavy Vehicle Operators must use the new forms available from the NHVR website to ensure your fees are calculated correctly and your application is processed without delay.

Once the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) commences, the NHVR will operate NHVAS under a single fee structure that will apply accreditation fees for all jurisdictions. These fees have been agreed by Australia's Transport Ministers (SCOTI) and are set out in Schedule 1 of the Heavy Vehicle (General) National Regulation 2013.

NOTE: The NHVR will operator under a single fee structure for access permits, NHVAS accreditation and the National Driver's Work Diary when the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) commences.

Reasons to Apply Online

    • Submit your forms online through the NHVR website to ensure your application is tracked as soon as you submit it and to eliminate manual data entry of your information at the NHVR end
    • Forms that are submitted online can be processed and turned around more quickly than applications received by email, fax or post
    • If you like to print out your forms and fill them in, remember you can scan them back into your computer and still submit online

Contact NHVAS Accreditation Team

The NHVR's dedicated NHVAS Accreditation Team are available to help with the development of applications or to answer questions about the status of applications.

Phone: NHVR Call Centre on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487*);

Email: NHVR; or

Contact the NHVR through the NHVR Contact Us page on the NHVR website and your enquiry will be forwarded to the relevant NHVR team member.

* Standard 1300 call charges apply. Check with your phone provider

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