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Ports / Waterfront Carriers

Port of Brisbane - Landside Logistics Forum

The QTA actively represents the interests of member by engaging in the Landside Logistics Forum (LLF).  It  was formed to improve port-wide landside logistics efficiencies, facilitate the discussion of landside issues, and improve communication among port stakeholders.  Members of the forum meet bi-monthly and include key landside logistics service providers, including: Australian Customs Service, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia.  Contact us to get involved in this Forum.

For more information visit the Landside Logistics Forum website.

Port of Brisbane Public Weighbridge

A public weighbridge has been installed at the Port of Brisbane to help facilitate the Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation that imposes liability on all parties in the supply chain for breaches of road transport law.

The automated weighbridge will provide auditable records that show a vehicle’s controlled legal mass. This will assist with recent initiatives, such as, Container Weight Declarations (CWD) which must be provided (and accompany the container) every time a container is transported by truck.

The Public Weighbridge is owned and managed by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (License Number PW-0109) and is located at 52 Port Drive (adjacent to the Brisbane Multimodal Terminal or BMT). The weighbridge will have a certified operator made available for the initial months of operation to assist truck drivers with the weighing process.

For more information including Costs and Payment methods visit - Port of Brisbane/ Weighbridge

Port Security & MSIC

A Marine Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a nationally recognised security identification card that shows you are cleared to enter and work in maritime security zones of our ports, ships and offshore oil and gas facilities. Having an MSIC won't entitle you to automatic entry to any or all security zones but it does show that you have successfully completed the background checking process required to enter these zones. A security access card may be required to access certain security zones.

information on the Marine Security Identification Card


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