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Queensland Trucking Association - Code of Conduct

The objectives of the Queensland Trucking Association Limited, outlined in the Constitution include but are not limited to:

  • To unite the trucking industry behind a state and national effort and facilitate state and national representation
  • To develop viable operating conditions for all trucking industry sectors that are conducive to safer, efficient and professional performance on the roads
  • To provide demonstrable benefits of the positive role of the trucking industry to the community
  • To improve road safety through developing a culture of professional driving standards of performance

In advancing the objectives of the Association, members agree to:

  1. Conduct our business from a registered address complying with relevant Local, State and Federal Government Regulations
  2. Conduct our businesses in accordance with prevailing Federal and State Legislation effecting both on and off Road operations
  3. Ensure Work Health and Safety requirements are met and maintained as required by Law
  4. Ensure vehicles and company equipment is maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition
  5. Ensure I/We will not direct or require, directly or indirectly, the driver of a heavy truck to do something if the person knows, or reasonably ought to know, that by complying the driver would, or would be likely to, commit a core driving hours offence; a related record offence; a speeding offence; a mass offence or breach any other Road Law or Regulation binding the operator and the driver
  6. Verify that all employees are suitably licensed and trained for the tasks undertaken, to continually monitor the ongoing competence of employees and assist employees with skills training
  7. Encourage drivers to respect the rights of all road users
  8. At all times promote safety, courtesy and professionalism, working closely with employees in promoting a positive attitude to improving industry standards and general public image
  9. Notify the Association of any change of contact or company details


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