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Road Safety Bulletins & Facts

The Queensland Trucking Association Ltd takes Road Safety in our industry very seriously. Therefore, this section of the website provides important Road Safety Bulletins / Fact Sheets on issues affecting the trucking/ road freight industry issues. While many of the Fact Sheets are produced by the QTA Ltd there may also be bulletins/fact sheets provided courtesy of another organisation / Government Department.

Please see below a list of Safety Bulletins & Facts available.


Members/Industry may be aware, on 18 August 2014, a fatal crash occurred at the intersection at the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway in Adelaide, South Australia, involving an out of control truck.

As a result, the South Australian Government wrote to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads and to the President of the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd, requesting that all truck and bus drivers be reminded of their legal responsibility to comply with Australian Road Rule 108 (Corresponding Queensland Road Rule, Section 108) when driving down a steep road. That is, heavy vehicle drivers must use a low enough gear to limit the speed of their vehicle without using the primary (foot) brake. The Department committed to providing the QTA with a copy of the materials that the Government of South Australia were wanting distributed.

Members can download a copy of the brochure compiled by the Government of South Australia entitled Avoid A Downhill Disaster which explains this law and the serious consequences that follow if drivers do not comply. 

Hard copies of this brochure are also available, on request, by contacting Tara Mildenhall by email


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released a new edition of its Truckies Top Tips, which provides motorists with advice about how to share the road safely with Australia’s 534,000 trucks.

The tips are designed to help car drivers share the road safely with trucks.

The Top Tips provides motorists with advice to help make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

The tips include:

    • Avoid blind spots - Truck drivers use their mirrors to see surrounding traffic. Sitting too close to the left passenger door or too close behind the truck may mean the driver doesn’t know you’re there
    • Do not cut in front of trucks - Truck drivers leave a large gap between their vehicle and the car in front. But don’t cut in – because of a truck’s size and weight, it needs almost twice as much room to brake as a car
    • Dip your high beams early when coming up behind a truck - A truck’s mirrors don’t have an anti-glare position

This new edition of the Truckies Top Tips replaces the Top Ten Tips published by the ATA in 2004.

The ATA have brought the tips up to date and given them a fresh, cool look to match the upgraded Safety Truck and the 3D graphics that will now be a key part of the ATA’s road safety campaigns.

Download a copy of all the Truckies Top Tips


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has released the first of a new series of animated videos designed to show motorists how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles.

The video features the animated Safety Truck character from the ATA’s upgraded road safety exhibition, the Safety Truck.

The video series will illustrate some of the most essential points from the new Truckies Top Tips.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and the trucking industry is constantly working to improve the industry’s safety record. However, there are a number of common mistakes that car drivers make around trucks that can put everyone in a dangerous situation.

By educating motorists on how to stay safe on the road around heavy vehicles, we can all do more to prevent these avoidable accidents and help make sure everyone gets home safely.

A new video will released each week and will also be on display in the Safety Truck.

Truckies Top Tips Videos

Video 1 – Don’t Cut in Front of Trucks - highlights the dangers of cutting in to the large space left between a truck and the vehicle in front, and explains that trucks need this extra space to stop safely if required. (Released 23rd August 2013)

Video 2 - Don’t Overtake Turning Truckshighlights the dangers of overtaking turning heavy vehicles, as their extra length means these vehicles are legally allowed to use both lanes when turning. The video also reminds motorists to stay back from heavy vehicles when using roundabout, as a car travelling close alongside can be cut off as the turning truck legally uses both lanes. (Released 28th August 2013)

Video 3 - Keep out of Truck Blind Spots - is designed to show motorists how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles. The video reminds road users that if they can’t see a truck’s rear view mirrors, the truck driver can’t see them. It also outlines the major blind spots on a truck, which are directly behind the vehicle, in close next to the passenger side door and coming up behind the driver side door.(Released 6th September 2013)


To request a Safety Truck visit to your town, school, show, festival or depot, email


The NSW Government - Transport Roads and Maritime Services is concerned about the dangerous behaviour of a small number of drivers of heavy vehicles tailgating through safety zones throughout NSW trying to avoid detection for speeding compliance and fatigue management offences and to prevent the identification of unregistered vehicles.

This behaviour is unacceptable not only in NSW but also in other States of Australia, and has serious safety implications for all road users. The behaviour of a few reflects poorly on the large majority of drivers/operators who obey the road rules and take road safety very seriously.

The NSW Government - Transport Roads and Maritime Services have produced a Fact Sheet Heavy Vehicles Tailgating through Safety Zones which outlines the potential for disaster, the minimum travelling distance, penalties that may be applied, liability for tailgating, Chain of Responsibility and methods of detection. The QTA encourages you to download the NSW Government fact sheet and bring to the attention of all your drivers.

This Fact Sheet is courtesy of the NSW Government - Transport, Roads and Maritime Services. (May 2012)

WORKING SAFELY WITH TYRES: Highway Style Trailer Haulage

The Queensland Government, Department of Natural Resources and Mines have produced this safety bulletin following the fatal injury of a driver of a bulk coal transport trailer while replacing a wheel. The injury has highlighted a risk for the mining industry (and road transport industry) that has long been recognised in the tyre manufacturing and fitting industry: the premature failure of radial construction tyres.

Radial construction tyres typically associated with tyres of up to 25" diameter on highway style prime-movers and mining style trailers (double or triple) have a single steel cord ply as the body ply (or caring ply). Tyres with single steel cord body ply must be treated differently from earthmover tyres, yet most mining procedures treat them the same.

This safety bulletin examines what actions to take to avoid a similar incident and possible fatalities by outlining what happened, the current practice, where is the risk and controlling the risk by tyre design, speed, road conditions, load weight, tyre pressure and run flat.

QTA Ltd encourages you to download this Qld Government - Working Safely with Tyres safety bulletin, place on your office noticeboard, and ensure all relevant people within your business, including drivers receive a copy.

Safety Bulletin courtesy of the Qld Government - Department of Natural Resources and Mines (May 2012)

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