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Strategic Plan & Facts

The QTA through its participation in the Australian Trucking Association’s (ATA) Safety Policy Group invests in a comprehensive road safety program, comprising three (3) complementary parts. It develops industry Codes of Practice and safety policies and provides advice to Government bodies on truck and road regulations.  It manages a national, public program that educates all road users in sharing the road safely with trucks.  It underpins a comprehensive, accredited industry program, TruckSafe, which establishes audited benchmarks in safety and roadworthiness for trucking operators.

QTA's Safety Strategy

The QTA, through the ATA's Safety Policy Group will aim to:

    • Achieve better speed management by working across the industry to promote the adoption of better speed management systems; work to secure national enforcement of effective and fair chain of responsibility laws, including through the National Road Safety Council and campaign to make sure the industry’s customers understand the implications of those laws.
    • Improve fitness for duty by promoting the importance of driver health and fitness for duty to the industry, and provide companies with a best-practice approach to managing fitness for duty through its TruckSafe program.
    • Reduce fatigue-related accidents by lobbing for a uniform solution on fatigue management that takes into account the unique characteristics of operations in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and other remote areas and also lobby governments for more investment in counter-fatigue road design, including sealing road shoulders, providing audio-tactile line marking and increasing the number of heavy vehicle rest area
    • Improve the quality of vehicle safety information by work with government agencies and researchers to improve the usefulness of the heavy vehicle safety information they publish.  While at the same time, work with its sponsors and other organisations to fund truck safety research aligned with this strategic plan.

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