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Strategic Plan & Facts

The trucking industry faces a shortage of skilled heavy vehicle drivers due to the industry’s aging workforce, the increasing freight task and competition from other industries, such as mining.

The QTA with the ATA and its Member Organisations are working to encourage more people to enter the industry in driving, operational and management roles.

The trucking industry employs 246,100 people around Australia. The average age of truck drivers is 43 years, and 97.5 per cent of the people in the industry are men.


The QTA, through the ATA Skills & Workforce Policy Group will:

    • Encourage more people to enter the industry by promoting the diversity of employment options in the industry (such as driving, operations and management jobs) and will continue to refine its Enhanced Licensing Standard Proposal, work with the Australian Government to have truck driving included in subsidised government training programs and work closely with the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) as it develops training packages for the trucking industry
    • Retain existing industry employees by encouraging them to stay in the industry by promoting training, professional development and excellence



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