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The T&L Future Ready Report was commissioned by Jobs Queensland to identify the priority skills needs, skill shortages, opportunities and challenges for the future workforce of all sectors within the transport and logistics industry. Future-focused, the report is evidence-based, outlining direct feedback from industry in relation to skills, training and workforce needs for the next three to five years. The report includes secondary data sources to provide a high-level picture of the overall industry and identify key trends and impacts, challenges and opportunities faced by each sector within industry.

We would like to thank those industry members who participated and contributed to the research, supported the consultation and gave their valuable time and feedback to help shape the future of the transport and logistics workforce. Whether it was completing a survey, speaking to us on the phone or in-person, we acknowledge and appreciate your commitment to the transport and logistics industry.

The report has been divided into the following topics. Click on the links below to view the full report on each sector:

 T&L Future Ready - Overview T&L Future Ready - Road Transport & Logistics T&L Future Ready - Maritime
 T&L Future Ready - Aviation T&L Future Ready - Rail T&L Future Ready - Industry Engagement

Future Ready Workforce

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Future Ready Workforce

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