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TLI Connect

The transport and logistics industry is undergoing a period of transformational change, and as a result is facing changing workforce challenges including skills shortages. The road transport industry is taking a proactive approach to ensure a skilled, sustainable and supported workforce into the future.  

The TLI Connect team at the Department of Transport and Main Roads assists employers, through government and industry partnerships, to develop systems and processes to retain existing staff, attract new employees and identify skilling opportunities.

TLI Connect is guided by the Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Committee (TLWAC), of which the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd (QTA) is a member. The committee includes representatives from industry associations, industry organisations and the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

VET 4 T&L is a valued program which further strengthens the Department's connection with industry and its understanding of future skilling priorities and vocational education and training opportunities.

In recognition that working with, listening to, and supporting people in industry is vital, the Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Strategy and Action Plan 2018–2023 was developed. It outlines 9 strategies identified as being the highest priorities for industry, including ensuring a sustainable road transport workforce. TLI Connect provides continued support to industry as it experiences rapid growth and faces the challenges of how to attract and secure a skilled and sustainable workforce.

Useful information

People Plus Toolkit
The TLI Connect team has developed a 
People Plus Toolkit to assist businesses within the transport and logistics sector with relevant human resource policies and procedures.

Queensland Transport and Logistics Current and Future Trends Report
The Queensland Transport and Logistics Workforce Current and Future Trends Report identifies the key current and emerging trends that are impacting the transport and logistics industry workforce in Queensland. This report informed the workforce areas of priority in the Queensland Transport and Logistics Strategy and Action Plan 2018 – 2023.

Transfutures internship program
The Transfutures pre-graduate placement program encourages careers in the transport, logistics and supply chain industry by offering undergraduate students industry-based work experience. The program is designed to raise awareness of the career opportunities available in the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.

Offering university students who are studying business an industry-based work experience placement, gives them an opportunity to apply knowledge gained at university to real work situations. Contact the team at TLI Connect for more information on how to get involved.

Contact TLI Connect
For more information and resources visit their website or contact by phone on (07) 3066 0785 or email


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