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Are your drivers finding it harder to get quality meals on the road?

Below are some tips to keep them trucking and keep them healthy and safe.   KEY TIP - PLAN AND BE PREPARED

 Get stocked up and prepare before you leave

o   Pre-cook and pre-pack food before you leave

- Home cooked meals are always better than cooking on the side of the road

- Pre-pack meats such as bacon, steak, sausages and chicken etc into serving sizes. This reduces wastage and is easier for cooking.

o   Staples to have in the truck

- Salt and Pepper

- Your favourite spreads and sauces i.e. vegemite, jam, honey, peanut butter, BBQ sauce

- Good mix of fresh and tinned food

- Bread, butter and cooking oil

- Gas cooker and microwave if you are set up

- Cooking and eating utensils

o   Get a mix of snack foods

- Healthy snack ideas – fresh or tinned fruit, nuts, trail mix, vegetable sticks, muesli bars, yoghurt, boiled eggs etc

- Jatz biscuits, ryvitas, cruskits, rice crackers or other savoury biscuits to have with dips or cheese

o   Start your day off with a good breakfast

                       - Eggs with fried tomato and onion, fried ham and eggs, bacon and egg sanga

                       - Yoghurt with fruit, pre-packed oats (just add hot water) or last night’s left overs with a bit of BBQ sauce

o   Great quick lunch time meals

- Ham, cheese & tomato sangas (can be pre-made while you're having breakky)

- Salad bowl with roast chicken or corned beef

- Tinned ham or corned beef and onion sandwich

- Tinned tuna and biscuits

o   Night time cook up

- Pre-packed home cooked meals or frozen meals

- Pre-packed steak, sausages, chicken or pork to cook with pre-made salad

- Curried sausages and rice

- Pan fried salmon, eggs and salad

- Tinned corned beef and veg stew with noodles

- Fried ham and chilli beans

- Tinned stews and soups with bread

- Tinned tuna with pre-cooked rice servings

Check out a few of our favourite recipes below which are all easy 'on the road' meals that can be pre-prepared at home or cooked on the road with very little gear

Do you have some healthy recipes, meal ideas or tips you would like to share - why not email them to


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