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Working from home brings new challenges.  You may need to work out how to use technology tools, you might find it difficult to keep in touch with colleagues, or you may find that working from home brings interruptions.

Be sure to check out your options to Stay Connected.


Worksafe have just released a new series on office workstation films to find out how to get your office space to work for you! 

Check out their website for more information at Worksafe

Selecting and adjusting your chair

Find out how to select your chair and how to adjust it to suit you.

Setting up your workstation

Find out how to set up your workstation to keep you safe and productive at work.

Working from home

Get some easy tips to set up your workstation when you work from home and optimise your home office.

Staying active when you are working on the computer

Find out how to stay active when you are doing computer-based work to help avoid the health impacts of sitting for long periods of time.

Safe Work Australia have prepared some great resources for "working from home" as an employer, small business owner and workers.

Click on the Safe Work Australia Logo above. 

Australian Taxation Office have some tips for calculating expenses and claiming deductions at tax time. 

Click the ATO logo above to find out more.


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