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An Orchestra of Ideas

  • 24 Aug 2020
  • Darling Harbour Theatre, International Convention Centre, Sydney NSW

An Orchestra of Ideas

National Skills Week 2020 Headline Event

Composition and Exhibition of successful ideas, practices, and innovations in the Vocational Education and Skills Arena.

An Event, creative in its delivery, NOT just a Conference! One Day Only.

What to expect
Bringing together leaders and innovators in VET and Skills Training to share their knowledge, ignite passion and to build on successful ideas and opportunities that will enable Australia to thrive, meet the skills needs of industry and advance Australia’s competitiveness and global opportunity.

The program is designed for Vocational and Skills Educators, Career Advisors, Transition Officers, Senior Pathways, and Tertiary Practitioners who are drivers of change, looking for proven innovative ideas to address the challenges of engaging people in VET.

The program is designed to meet the teacher identified Professional Development (PD) standards in teaching. An innovative and engaging program for attendees and  VET Stakeholders through showcases, film,  music, experts in industry,  delivery and outcomes, combining face to face and digital resources to maximise the sharing of knowledge.

This is a must attend for those wanting to build on their knowledge and skills in  professional practice. Additionally it provides the opportunity to inspire change in colleagues, expand networks with fellow educators, industry and other VET stakeholders.

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