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QTA Transporter News Brief (Issue 42)

09 Oct 2015 1:14 PM | Linda MacDonald (Administrator)

To coincide with National Mental Health Week, the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd has released a Special Issue – Transporter News Brief (Issue 42) and an exclusive member fact sheet on supporting mental health.

The fact sheet was developed in partnership with SANE Australia, and outlines strategies and support services for supporting mental health and wellbeing. 

QTA Ltd President, Ben Almond, said that the most recent data indicated that approximately 45 per cent of Australians would experience a mental illness in their working lifetime. 

“It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about being stressed. But if job stress is following you on holiday, or you sometimes feel inexplicably distressed or disconnected, it’s a reminder to put your own mental wellbeing as your first priority,” Ben Almond said. 

“Many of us like to think we can manage on our own, but it’s important to ask for help if you need it. It’s especially important to have someone you can talk to and who understands how you are feeling.

“One of the strongest defences against mental illness is staying connected to your family and friends. If you’re out on the road or can’t reach these people, there are also a range of support services listed in the fact sheet that are there to help 24/7. 

QTA Ltd CEO, Peter Garske, a member of Queensland’s Workplace Health & Safety Board, appointed by the Minister, stated “Queensland Government agencies have long recognised the need to support employers and employees who are at risk of developing Mental Health issues. Assistance through a range of programs can be identified through the websites of both the Queensland Department of Health and Queensland Workplace Health & Safety. The Queensland Trucking Association has in the past, and will continue into the future, to work proactively with Queensland Workplace Health & Safety both in the development of and the promotion of assistance programs. 

We will continue to release industry fact sheets to QTA members and the broader industry, each focusing on a new health topic.

For more information or help, visit the following: 

Headspace | Heads Up | beyond blue | Black Dog Institute | Work Health Planning Guide (developed by WHSQ) | People At Work Project 

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