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Importance of Tyre, Wheel End Monitoring and Maintenance.

24 May 2016 1:53 PM | Administration (Administrator)

Wheels, bearings and tyres were a major focus of the most recent Technical and Maintenance Conference (TMC) in Melbourne.    The conference is organised every year by the Australian Trucking Association, Paccar and the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA). 

In the Heavy Vehicle industry, brake, wheel bearing and tyre failures can potentially cause high wheel hub and tyre temperatures on trucks and trailers.  This can result in catastrophic equipment failure, fires and explosions causing substantial damage.  It is paramount this risk be significantly mitigated or eliminated from Heavy Transport operations.

QTA Associate Member LSM Technologies, partner with Doran MFG, are world leaders in Provisioning, Manufacture and Development of Heavy Duty Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS) that monitor both Pressure and Temperature of Pneumatic Tyres. Supplied either as a Stand- alone System or integrated into our SafetyTracs (IVMS) In- Vehicle Monitoring Systems with live Web Based Reporting. 

Their specialised Doran TMS are utilised on any vehicle or machine that has a pneumatic tyre and is ideally designed for heavy industrial equipment such as Trucks, Multi-Combination Trailers, Cranes, Buses, Earthmoving Machinery and even for Passenger 4WD.

Furthermore, these events should be recorded to enable review and reporting for incident analysis. Also the TMS is required to alert the Operator so as to take corrective action to prevent damage to the vehicle, surrounding people & property.

Changes to recent Industry Standards/ Guidelines and Coroners Report have set a precedent in demanding that TMS Technology is implemented so as to avoid such events.  Management of the risks associated with operating Heavy Transport requires effective maintenance of tyres and wheels as critical components. On-road failures of these components can result in a catastrophic situation (wheel fire / tyre explosions / tyre failures).

Some relative statistics state that:

  • 33% of Truck Trailer fires are related to Wheels and Tyres (NTI Major Accident Investigation Report - 2015).
  • 25% of Heavy Vehicle crashes are directly related to Tyres (Heavy Truck Crash Data 2012, NSW Centre for Road Safety).

Please see the video clip  to view a field test performed with QTA Member Rocky’s Own Transport as well as one a passenger car trip.

For more information, please contact Brendan Villiers, LSM Technologies, M 0427 580 066

Information sourced from ATN news and LSM Technologies

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