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Find your Future Workers - It's in your hands

18 Oct 2017 1:15 PM | Administration (Administrator)

Conference after conference, meeting after meeting, I hear the same feedback, opinions and concerns.   How do we get young people into the industry? Where do I get drivers? How can I get more females into the industry?  I heard these very questions again at the Trucking Australia Conference in Darwin this year. 

Despite the success of the GenR8 program over the past six years with strong support from employers and high percentage employment outcome, recent reports from the Department of Education and Training indicate number of school students choosing a this program is declining.  This is due is partly due to the increase in other programs offered to students, and more alarmingly, the fact that the majority of students think the industry is only about trucking driving – evident at the Careers Expo I attended this year with the ATA Safety Truck.

I am of the opinion that nothing will change unless we take hold of the issue and take action ae s an industry.  I believe the answer lies within – within each of you who have a transport business, each of you who have worked so hard for many years to grow your business and want to see this industry prosper into the future.  Something we do know, without it, our country is in trouble.

All of you grew up going to school and so many of you were lucky enough to grow up in the industry.  Some of you have children and grandchildren who are lucky enough to be around the industry, but for so many, this opportunity isn’t one that comes about.

So what now?   Take Action – and by action I mean, learning how to sell the industry in your local school communities, high school Vocation officers, and I mean early, starting in primary schools. And educate the youth, and expose them to the opportunities this amazing industry to has to offer.

The QTA is taking the lead by creating a new workshop designed to give you the skills, tools and resources needed to confidently go into schools and local communities and sell this industry.  I urge you to take time to get involved and be ready for the 2018 calendar of local career days and school visits.  Our goal is to help you solve those questions above by helping you with the answers!

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