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NorthConnex set to open

23 Oct 2020 2:18 PM | Administration (Administrator)

NorthConnex will be open to motorists on Saturday 31 October 2020.
Ahead of the opening, the community is encouraged to plan their journey using new driver experience videos of all entries and exits, take a virtual guided tour with 360 degree tunnel vision
NorthConnex is a $3 billion investment by the Australian and NSW Government in partnership with Transurban. NorthConnex will deliver faster, safer, more reliable and more efficient journeys for road users.
Changes for buses and trucks
When NorthConnex opens, trucks and buses (over 12.5 metres long or over 2.8 meters clearance height) travelling between the M1 and M2 must use the tunnels unless they have a genuine delivery or pick up destination only accessible via Pennant Hills Road or meet certain exclusion criteria.
Two gantries will monitor trucks and buses on Pennant Hills Road, in Normanhurst and in Beecroft/West Pennant Hills.
Trucks and buses (over 12.5 metres long or over 2.8 meters clearance height) which pass both gantries on Pennant Hills Road with the flow of traffic will receive a fine of $194 with no loss of demerit points.
TfNSW have been working closely with truck and bus industry members since last year, to ensure they are provided with sufficient information about the regulation and understand what it means for their business. An awareness campaign is also underway to remind industry members.
Benefits of NorthConnex  

  • Save up to 15 minutes travel time
  • Avoid 21 sets of traffic lights on Pennant Hills Road
  • Bypass 40 traffic lights on Pacific Highway to the CBD
  • Enables a trip from Newcastle to Melbourne without a single set of traffic lights
  • Straighter, flatter route
  • Two x 3.5 metre wide lanes with additional breakdown lane to minimise delays from incidents
  • Reduced wear and tear resulting in lower maintenance costs and more efficient fuel consumption 
  • Complete a missing gap in the freight network
  • A 5.1m height clearance
For information on NorthConnex for trucks, buses or recreational vehicles visit to view a fact sheet for trucks and buses or recreational vehicles or Email | Phone 1800 518 175
For information on NorthConnex, driver videos and a tour visit


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