To enter QLD-Know the Difference between a HOTSPOT and AFFECTED AREA to enter

QLD - Know the Difference between a Hotspot and Affected Area to enter Qld

This is relevant to requirements for entry in Queensland as per the Qld Border Restrictions Directive 36

- is currently the 12 NSW Local Government areas listed below. 
This includes any suburb in these Local Government Areas.

1. Bayside - NEW
2. Blacktown
3. Burwood - NEW
4. Campberwell
5. Canterbury Bankstown
6. Cumberland
7. Fairfield
8. Georges River
9. Liverpool
10. Parramatta
11. Penrith - NEW - only the following suburbs - Caddens, Claremont Meadows, Colyton, Erskine Park, Kemps Creek, Kingswood, Mount Vernon, North St Marys, Orchard Hills, Oxley Park, St Clair and St Marys.
12. Strathfield - NEW

Need to check if you are delivering to an Affected Area: Use the Map to find an address 

HOTSPOT - The rest of NSW, ACT and VIC are declared hotspots and require the 7 day testing cycle and an F pass that is valid for 14 days.