What is the Project?

The HV Safe Driver Project is designed to train newly licenced drivers and those upgrading into higher licence classes into safe job-ready drivers. Participants will undertake a training program involving practical supervised on-road driver training (up to 160hrs) with a driving mentor (from the company they are employed with) to learn situational awareness, hazard perception, risk avoidance, resilience and problem solving and compliance with the HVNL. The participant will also undertake essential  theory to increase knowledge and awareness of vehicle safety and law requirements.

The program offers support from an experienced Driver Trainer funded by the Project who provides pre and post program on-road driving and theory knowledge assessments. Following the successful completion of the program, the employer is paid a wage subsidy to offset the cost of driver mentor who is supervising the participant. A training manual is provided at commencement of the program.

Who can apply?

Employers who are putting on newly licenced drivers or who have drivers upgrading can apply to enrol drivers.

Drivers who are newly licenced and looking for employment are also eligible for the program (see application below).

Participants must satisfy the terms and conditions of the project to participate.


How was the Project Developed?

QTA developed the project based on extensive industry intelligence gathered from road freight operators and fleet owners. It was evident that there is a lack of opportunity for newly licenced heavy vehicle drivers to gain the required hours of on-road experience and this is a significant contributor to the driver shortage in Australia for commercial fleet operators.


What does the Program offer?

The program offers Employers the opportunity to train newly licenced drivers and drivers that have upgraded to a higher licence class with a structured training program along with a financial subsidy to offset the cost of the training. As the training is undertaken on-the-job, the participant is learning the specifics of the daily freight task and being instructed by an experienced driver from the company. Knowledge of essential theory is assessed in the pre and post program assessment by an independant driving assessor.

Individuals that are deemed suitable for the program will be connected with employers to obtain employment then undertake the HV Safe Driver Program that will involve up to 160 supervised on-road driving hours. This provides the necessary time to gain practical skills and knowledge associated with situational awareness, hazard perception, risk avoidance, resilience and problem solving and compliance with the HVNL. Two practical driving assessments are also included as part of the program (commencement of the program and at the end of the program).

EMPLOYERS - Contact Lisa Fraser, 0405 152 952 or email lisa@qta.com.au for more information.


Drivers applying must hold a valid HR or HC licence and not currently be able to obtain employment as a driver due to lack of experience.  The driver must also satisfy the *terms and conditions to participate in the program. Applications may also be accepted for inexperienced MC drivers not able to obtain employment due to lack of experience.

Complete the expression of interest form here.

For more information, please contact Lisa Fraser, lisa@qta.com.au

*T & C's:

  • This program will require commitment from participants and will be required to satisfy the employment standards and expections of the employer.
  • Participants will be required to satisfy working in Australia eligibility requirements and undertake any necessary screening (including medical, fitness to drive and drug and alcohol testing) as required by the employer. This may incur a financial investment from the participant which will be determined by the employer.
  • Licence records will need to be provided as part of the application process to the employer as well as any other documentation requested.
  • Any media for the Project will only be used if approved by the participant.

This project is funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI), supported by the Australian Government.