Policy & Compliance

We can assist with issues that impact the ability to do business productively, efficiently and safely. We navigate through problems and issues through our trusted connections to the NHVR, Federal, State and Local government. 

Our professional services are provided by staff who have extensive experience working within the road freight industry and in the regulatory environment.

What we help with

The following services are included with membership:

  • Represent/lobby on your behalf with State and Local Government Road Managers.

  • Navigating approvals for complex permits for access and PBS permits.

  • Engagement on your behalf with NHVR in relation to all areas of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

  • Information and advice of Fatigue Management Accreditation.

  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR) information and advice on safety system compliance*

  • Provide advice on penalty infringement notices (Legal representation will be referred if required.)

  • Sector specific industry issues and involvement in committees e.g. OverSize/OverMass (OSOM) and Port representation.

  • Advice on the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and Trucksfae accrediation programs.

  • Information delivery through workshops and seminars.

*Referral to our Safety and Risk Services are provided for Safety Management Systems reviews and audits

Industry Wide Advocacy

The Association advocates for progressive investment in road infrastructure, foster innovation in safety, road and transport technology to ensure that regulation is reflective of contemporary industry practices in all areas that impact your ability to do your business.


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