Apply Now - Business Basics $5K Grant (for Businesses up to 20 employees)

What is it?

This is a popular funding grant for small businesses (up to 20 employees) who are looking at improving business practices, security planing and solutions and sustainability practices. There are a variety of eligible activites the $5K grant can be apply to.

Business continuity and succession

Security planning and solutions


Is it easy to apply?

The inital ROI application is an easy as it is only requires information to verify your business identity and determine eligibilty of your business. If your ROI is approved, you will progress to the full application where more details of the funding request is provided. 

Applications Open between 29/5/54 - 11/6/24


How to apply?

All applications are made through the SmartyGrants system which is an online application system used by government entities for funding applications. Once a login is set up, the information is entered into an online form.


What happens if my ROI gets approved?

If your initial application is approved you will then be asked to submit the full grant application. 


What can you apply for?

The following are the types of activities that can be funded and they are group under three different categories.

Business continuity and succession planning (including disaster preparation)

  • Develop and implement a business continuity plan to ensure operations can continue in the event of disruptions.
  • Develop an incident response plan, risk management plan and/or recovery plan.
  • Develop a succession plan tailored to the business's needs and goals.
  • Develop an emergency evacuation plan or training program.
  • Purchase emergency kit equipment and related software, such as first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and portable radio for an emergency kit.

Implement new or upgrade existing online or cloud-based accounting systems.

Security planning and solutions

  • Plan and/or implement physical security measures, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, or access control systems.
  • Conduct cyber security risk assessments and implement mitigation systems.
  • Implement cyber security measures to protect data and systems, for example, anti-malware, antivirus, backups, data migration, encryption, firewalls, and modems/routers with enhanced security.


  • Conduct sustainability assessments or audits to identify areas for improvement and develop action plans.
  • Develop or revise a tailored business plan aligned to the business's specific needs and goals.
  • Implement energy-efficient practices or technologies to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Develop a plan to localise the suppliers of your businesses.

Find out more here. Please note applications will open on 29/5 and there will be a link to apply on that date.

If you would like to get support with your application, please contact Angela Mottram, Industry Workforce Advisor - or 0401 712 516.