Telematics changes in NSW and QLD from 1 June 2024

Info from NHVR On the Road 10/5/24

Telematics changes in NSW and QLD from 1 June 2024

Operators in New South Wales and Queensland who use telematics need to be aware of telematics changes that commence 1 June 2024.


New South Wales

Operators with Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles operating under permit in NSW where mass monitoring is currently an agreed condition of road access will need to:

Choose to remain enrolled in Intelligent Access Program (IAP), but may also need to enrol in Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) if they have mass monitoring as a condition of access in their permits.

Transition from NSW’s interim On-Board Mass (OBM) to Smart OBM.



Operators with PBS vehicles and vehicles operating at higher mass limits (HML) that are enrolled in IAP and/or interim OBM will need to transition from:


Intelligent Access Program (IAP) to the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA);


Queensland’s interim On Board Mass (OBM) to Smart OBM


For more information about the changes, please visit the Transport for New South Wales and Business Queensland websites.