Cunningham's Gap HV Truck Safety Video Series

Cunningham's Gap Reconstruction Project HV Safety Truck Video Series

As part of the Cunningham's Gap Reconstruction Project managed by Transport and Main Roads, a series of videos have been filmed to inform heavy vehicle drivers on how to navigate up and down Queensland's Cunningham's Gap during the period of roadworks being undertaken the Project. 

The project aims to repair a 2km stretch of the Cunningham Highway at Cunninghams Gap leading up to the Alan Cunningham monument, that was extensively damaged by severe bushfires in 2019. Due to the severity of damage and complexity of repairs required, the project is expected to continue until mid-2025.

There are five videos in the series that specifically relate to the Cunningham's Gap Reconstruction Project that include topics:

  1. Information about the Project
  2. Changing Traffic Conditions
  3. Keeping Motorist Safe
  4. Managing End of Queue Traffic Management Process
  5. Project specific UHF Channel 45

Cunninghams Gap HV Truck Safety Video Series

An additional 14 videos to guide heavy vehicle drivers on how to navigate up and down Queensland's Cunningham's Gap. Each video features conversation style instructional commentary on the specific driving tasks involved and vehicle handling scenarios to better manage driving up and down this steep section of road on a key freight route in Queensland.

  1. Travelling down steep descents
  2. Brakes down steep descents
  3. Using safety arrester beds
  4. Speed limits on steep descents
  5. Gear changes on steep descents
  6. Emergency stopping on steep descents
  7. Overtaking on the uphill climb
  8. Engaging the power divider
  9. Managing engine temperatures
  10. Approaching a wide load
  11. Communicating changing road conditions
  12. Reporting breakdowns
  13. Types of freight
  14. Types of heavy vehicles

Videos were produced by Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) in partnership with the Queensland Trucking Association, supported by Wickham Freight Lines who provided the truck and trailer. Driver instruction was provided by Bill Manton. Acknowledgement to TMR South Coast (Qld) as the Branch responsible for the CGRP and McIlwain as the civil contractor.

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