The QTA Safety Trailer Program presents an opportunity for organisations who promote road safety and work, health and safety campaigns. The aim is to inform and educate the public and general motorist travelling on our roads to improve safety outcomes. These travelling trailer billboards drive throughout Queensland with striking livery capturing the attention of everyone who sees them.

In partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC), the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd (QTA) with the strong support of member fleet Lindsay Australia, has a new set of b-double trailers on the road featuring lively barramundi fish imagery that promotes safe following distances between vehicles on the road.

Launched in December 2022, the striking ‘one barramundi, two barramundi, three barramundi’ imagery supports MAIC’s safety campaign to increase public awareness of the dangers of tail gaiting by encouraging motorists to be more conscious of safe following distances.

An easy way to do this is to count out these three barramundis’ which equates to about 3 seconds.

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In partnership with Transurban, the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA), we're sharpening the focus on truck safety.

To raise awareness and promote discussion about truck blind spots, the important safety message is featured on one of our member fleets, Followmont Transport that travels extensively on the Transurban Linkt Network.

Transurban are committed to working with the transport industry and research partners to deliver new and innovative technologies to improve e road safety for all users, as well as help to promote simple changes all drivers can make to ensure a safer road network

Continued education about blind spots, along with reminders about the dangers of fatigue, distraction and speed, all play an essential part in making the roads safer for everybody.

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Link to Transurban 'Share the Road' Safety Campaign