ARTIO - Queensland Branch

The Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO) is an Industrial Organisation of Employers registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisation) Act 2009.  ARTIO is a registered organisation that is able to represent its members in the national workplace relations system (Fair Work Commission).

Who do they represent?  Employers and prime contractors in the transport and logistics industry, particularly those engaged in road transport.  ARTIO has been registered under the applicable legislation since 1984.

What does ARTIO do?  ARTIO advocates on your behalf on a range of topics pertinent to employment and industrial relations within the road freight transport industry.  

How do our issues get heard/represented?   ARTIO is the national industrial body representing road transport employers (who are members) in matters before Tribunals and the Fair Work Commission (FWC).   For any matter involving the road transport (eg the RSRT), we represent you as an employer through the Queensland branch of the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation.   Only registered organisations can have matters heard in the Fair Work Commission.

Are you a member?  You may have elected to join when applying for QTA Member.  You can call the office to check.  

If not already a member of ARTIO, you need to elect to join.  The more members the bigger the voice.  There is no additional cost to be an ARTIO member.

How to Join? Email our Employment Relations Manager, Jim Challis at to become part of ARTIO.

ARTIO's Council, which has representatives from each State, including our CEO, meets on a bi-monthly basis to consider and discuss IR issues impacting on the Organisation (industry) and its members.

For more information, please visit the ARTIO website.